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Plants are already sprouting! Kids for Earth's seed starting activity

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Newspaper pots plus organic potting soil, seeds, and water equals a fun activity and a head start on spring planting!

Our goal was to offer a sustainable activity for the Hillsdale Library's Maker's Day, so our seed starting featured pots made from newspaper. Once the seedlings sprout and mature, both the newspaper pot and the seedlings can be placed right in the ground; no need to remove a fragile seedling from the pot. The newspaper is a wonderfully biodegradable solution.

Interesting in learning more?

On March 30th, K4E will be offering another seed starting activity at the Hillsdale Library.

Join us on Saturday, March 30th to add to the seeds we have already started... the first seeds planted have already sprouted (check the window ledges at the library to see how they're doing!).

Sign up online through our website, or email the Library:

More info here, just too late to come up with it right now.

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